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Special Resources Include:

  • Autism 101 On-Line Course: The Autism 101 online course takes approximately 30 minutes and covers the following areas: Introduction to the Autism Spectrum, Overview of Treatment Options, Treatment Assistance, Transition to Adulthood and more information and resources.  The course can be found here.

  • 50 Best Books on Special Education: 50 Best books for education is a resource for parents, educators, and children. This collection of books is a compilation of literature that aims to give you a glimpse at the history of special education, guide you through difficulty with practical research-based advise, inspire you when you are at a place wondering “what do I do next”, relate to you in difficult times and beautiful moments, empower you when advocating for your child, and amaze you at the true grit and tenacity of these individuals with exceptional minds.  The overview can be found here.

  • I Suspect My Child Has Autism:  A four step guide for Ohio parents on what to do next can be found here

  • MyAutismTeam: MyAutismTeam is a social network for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder, making it easier for parents to connect with each other and exchange insights about providers. 

  • MyAutismTeam helps parents find professionals best suited to meet their child's needs while providing a social network of support from other parents. Their website can be found here.

  • Ohio's Parent Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Ohio parent guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder can be found here.

  • Summer and Beyond Directory: This resource is a directory of summer day and overnight camps, adult day programs, respite programs, and therapy groups. It is updated every year and is hosted by State Support Team 3 and the Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga. The information in this directory is meant to be used as a reference and should not be considered comprehensive or an endorsement of any program or product.  The directory can be found here.

  • Special Needs Trust: An overview on planning for your special needs child's future. More information can be found here.

  • TED Talks on Autism:  The Autism Spectrum: Explore the science of autism — and listen to the stories of people who live with it.  Link can be found here.

  • 10 Things Every Teach Should Know: An overview of 10 things every teacher should know about Autism.  This document can be found here.

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